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Hospitality Consultants – Indonesia

Bali Hospitality Group consultant team consist of practitioner and also supported by academic knowledge founded in 2016 with the intention of providing services in hospitality and tourism industry, as follow:

    1. Market and feasibility study
    2. Business plan
    3. Hotel operation and management
    4. Training in the field of human development.

Our experienced consultants analyze hospitality trends, studying leisure industries, and understanding local communities. We focus on our clients’ competitive markets and provide thoughtful analysis of hospitality industries that ensures our clients will have meaningful results.

For training division, please kindly find below the detail information for your kind consideration:

Our Vision

We aim to be the first of changing behavior integrated learning lifestyle in Indonesia.

Our Mission

Is to provide the community members and employees with the opportunity to diversify their work experience within the business, personal development and training suitable to their individual aspirations, recognize the participant individual needs, encourage ongoing evaluation and possitive reinforcement and establish pathways to other learning opportunities.

Our Clients

We remain to serve the community members and employees who seek the personal and professional development in their life and business endeavors.

Our goal and commitment

Hospitality, at some level, is the nature of all businesses. Its training and development requirement is to include the following skills: critical thinking and problem solving, effective communication, collaboration and team building, creativity and innovation.

We come up with commitment to provide the best training service.

Our Disposition

We live in a great passion to walk in the creations of changing professional behaviour, synergize the expertise of academics and practitioners, and have great deal of experience in hospitality training and education.

Our Services

We provide our community members and employees with tailored-services for developing the following skills:


Includes topics for improving the ability to make decisions, solve problems, and take actions as appropriate, in the spectrum of leadership, supervisory, management, customer service, professional attitude, sales and marketing, etc. Topics included:

      • Problem Solving & Decision Making
      • Hospitality and Personalized Service Leadership
      • 4 Functions of Management
      • Service Brand Conception
      • Professional Attitude
      • Suggestive Selling & Up Selling
      • Practical Management Skills
      • Time Management
      • Supervisory Skills
      • Service Excellence
      • Coaching & Counseling


Includes topics for improving the ability to synthesize and transmit ideas both in written and oral formats, in the spectrum of basis communication, presentation skills, public speaking, train the trainers, brand image project, communicating difficult messages, etc. Topics included:

      • Effective Communication program
      • Effective Media Relations
      • Integrated External and Internal Communication
      • Diplomacy, Tact and Credible Effective Communication
      • Public Relations and Publicity
      • Public Relations Program
      • Handling Customer Complaint
      • Assertiveness Training
      • Brand Image Project
      • Train the Trainers
      • Presentation Skills
      • Customer Engagement
      • Effective Sales Negotiation
      • Service Delivery


Includes topics for improving the ability to work effectively with others, including those from diverse groups and with opposing points of view, in the spectrum of outbound program, basic team building,, etc. Topics included:

      • Bonding, Engagement and Collaboration Team Building
      • Outbound Training Service


Includes topics for improving the ability to see what is NOT there, in the spectrum of basic creativity, innovation projects, etc. Topics included:

      • Innovation Project
      • Creativity


Includes topics for improving the ability to understand people, cultures, attitudes, and behaviors, and knowing how to socialize with others who have the same or different backgrounds and habits. This subject also gives the deep knowledge of how to act properly in many different situations, regarding the etiquette and protocol rules that are being applied. Topics included:

      • Multicultural Manners
      • First Impression
      • Personal Grooming
      • Dress for Success
      • Business Etiquette
      • Courtesy & Manners in Hospitality
      • Basic Table Manners
      • The Art of Entertaining


      • Entrepreneurship education and training
      • Basic Food Hygiene
      • Behavioral Economics in Retail Industry
      • HACCP Application in Food Service

For detail information regarding consulting, training and management for the hospitality industry, please kindly contact:

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